just writing some words

today was his. no calls to return….really, he just wanted to watch his day slip out the window, min by min into the rain but the weight of all  his choices weight the min down and they collected on his brain until the weight made him reach for


he sat, coffee in hand, looking at the wires – barly noticing that they seemed to have tangeled themselves while  he had slept. (RACING DAWN

WHO did he want to be today? he had the day off and the just breaking day was his to do what he pleased with. he could go sit in the zendo and wait for the pug faced girl/woman to show up and sit ram rod straight during meditation.  why she fasinated him…..well he wondered that too  – she wasn’t pretty, but that hair, it was just so wild.  it wasn’t how straight and still she sat.  they all did that. he knew because he watched.  while they all sat still presumably trying to tame their monkey minds

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